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About Us

We understand that the language barrier is a major obstacle when dealing with Japanese beauty products. That's why our team of English-speaking experts wants to grow together by providing Indonesian beauty product buyers with relevant and reliable information about the best Japanese products they are looking for.

10 years of experience. A wide range of product lineup. We bridge both language and culture.

For more than 10 years, we have been providing carefully selected, high-quality Japanese products to beauty product buyers and distributors in Indonesia. We are constantly updating our product lineup to meet the latest trends and needs of our customers. As a trusted partner, our first priority is to meet your expectations.


Mr. Nobu Tatsuno

Having gained experience in an American IT company, serving as the Asian representative for an Israeli high-tech company, and working as a representative for a Japanese-Chinese shopping center, he founded our company in 2013.

Our company aims to foster connections between Indonesia, New Zealand, and Japan, acting as a catalyst for business growth. Presently, we are actively engaged in developing a service that facilitates collaboration between Southeast Asian buyers and Japanese companies. Additionally, we are preparing to launch an e-commerce platform in Japan. Each day, we strive towards our vision of "eliminating the barriers to exciting value."

Furthermore, I hold a position as a board member of the Tokyo New Business Council (NBC), a prestigious business association boasting a nationwide membership of over 3,500 individuals, with more than 500 members based in Tokyo alone.


Our Services

Make Things Happen

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B2B Matching

Our B2B matching service connects businesses seeking partnerships with suitable counterparts in the Japanese market. We carefully analyze your business needs and objectives and identify potential Japanese companies that align with your requirements. Our goal is to facilitate successful collaborations and mutually beneficial relationships, whether it involves distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, or other types of business partnerships. Through our extensive network and diligent research, we strive to find the perfect match for your organization, ensuring compatibility and fostering growth in the Japanese mark

Business Performance Consulting

Our business performance consulting service is designed to help companies optimize their overall performance and achieve their strategic objectives. We work closely with organizations to assess their current business operations, identify areas for improvement, and develop customized strategies for growth and success.

BPOM Registration

Having BPOM registration is crucial for companies looking to enter the Indonesian market and comply with local regulations. It demonstrates the company's commitment to product safety and quality and instills trust among consumers and regulatory authorities.

Navigating the BPOM registration process can be complex and time-consuming. Engaging with experienced consultants or legal professionals familiar with Indonesian regulations and the BPOM registration process can help streamline the process and ensure compliance with all requirements

What We Do

Promote the dissolution of emotional barriers associated with national borders within individuals.





We conduct in-depth analysis to uncover the inherent advantages of your company's products and services, meticulously researching the aspects that resonate with your target customers. It is crucial to navigate this phase accurately, as a misdirection could lead to poor sales outcomes, despite significant investments in advertising. Additionally, it is important to recognize that the advantages that have proven successful within your domestic market do not guarantee success in foreign markets.

The senior leadership of this organization is dedicated to empowering its members to find a meaningful purpose within the constraints of their limited lives in the current era, prior to considering any initiatives related to overseas business expansion support. The management team is resolute in their pursuit of creating a joyful and fulfilling work environment for the collective, driven by their ambitious vision, placing a higher priority on this objective than immediate sales objectives.

By fulfilling these essential prerequisites, profitability and sales naturally follow as a maximized outcome, forming the fundamental structure of the business.

We strictly adhere to a policy of engaging only with products that ignite a deep sense of passion within us. Furthermore, we refrain from pursuing products unless we can envision the smiles of our end-users. This unwavering stance stems from our commitment to avoid burdening our clients. Whether in foreign markets or within Japan, we recognize that the mere structural aspects of a product are insufficient to drive sales.

By empathetically connecting with sentiments such as 'This is fantastic!' or 'I desire this,' we unlock the potential for market development. Understanding and resonating with the emotional needs and desires of our target audience create the foundation for our business growth.

When it comes to medicines, the process is relatively straightforward as we can simply list the effects and benefits. However, when dealing with products that present challenges in highlighting numerous effects or perspectives, we highly recommend considering a concept reconstruction based on the specific needs of the target country. In order to achieve this, we offer our expertise in crafting a brand and its story that aligns with the core of the main concept. Through careful adjustments derived from the advantages of the products and the needs of your target audience, we will assist you in developing a compelling brand narrative that resonates effectively.

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