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What We Do



Our values


​Our aim


Sustainable development goals


Foreign market development support

Meet The Team


C E O​


After U.S. IT Company, Israeli high tech company Asia representitave, President of Japanese shopping center in China, established this company in 2013. We carry forward our business to become the bridge between Indonesia, New Zealand, and Japan.



Mission 2


Eliminate national borders of values which makes people get thrilled.
And contribute to the next generation through our business.


Mission 3

Overseas professional marketing research

Because the needs and point of views in Japan, and the needs and point of views in the target country is far apart, business expansion outside of Japan comes up against unexpected difficulties. We advise the best way to develop the market, and advertisement ideas by researching which concept meets the needs of the locals.

Mission 4

Target customer & Focus business

Japanese company ⇒Indonesia
New Zealand ⇒ Japnese business expansion support
(We are developing to add more countries, but we will consider as needed)​

Mission 1

SALICA to Univein

company name change

Universal (Global)   Unique (only one)   Vein (pulse)
We support our customers global expansion and also contribute to the society. We might be under the spotlight, but it does not have to be under a flashy one, because we will always be wanted.
We want to be a unique vein for the Universe. 
We have named our company Univein with these desires.


Fundamental principle​

We exist as a part of this world to make our society, environment, and next generation a better place. We do not chase the profit right in front of our eyes, but make our policies and decisions by long term contribution to others and moving toward happiness.

The executives for employees. The employees for executive. Provide the best output so that others can have a happy and fulfilled day.

Honesty and generousity is the foundation. Anyone who dishonors this will be removed from the team.

We will definitely not tolerate on any embezzlement or crime, but also we will not tolerate on lies which will be told to protect one's self.

Dry structure. Wet relationships. Be a good man to prepare for born evil.

Univein Corporationⓒ2020 All rights reserved
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