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It is becoming very difficult to grow without gaining  external demand in the business industry, while the domestic market is shrinking from declining birth rates.
However, the number of the companies which tries to expand to the global market from Japan, ranked 3rd in GDP, experience difficulties due to the lack of experience in knowledge is not small. 

We have been supporting Japanese companies expand to Indonesia for more than 7 years now, and we strongly feel that it is dangerous to suddenly dive in to a foreign country, where rules, business customs, and ethics are different, by your own power.
We want to continue supporting Japanese companies to expand their business overseas by minimizing the risks.

And interestingly, vise versa, foreign countries percieve Japan as one of the perplexing countries, so we recieve many requests for companies in New Zealand who wants to expand their business to Japan.

Currently we are working with few comanpies in New Zealand, and we think that this support project will create synergy when we try to support for other countries.

We want to keep appealing to give the best value of the company or products/services to the market from each companies and not just bringing products overseas.


Motonobu Tatsuno

Company History



​Launched "Placenta me"
Sealed the deal as a Japanese exclusive agent for Beauty online exhibition


Launched "high concentrated Manukatsu candy"


Company name changed from "SALICa Co., Ltd. to Univein Co., Ltd.​


Began operating as PR and Sales Japanese exclusive agent for Bee NZ Manuka honey from

New Zealand.


Became the Japan pavilion official organaizer for Indonesia's biggest beaurty exhibition, Cosmo Beaute Indoenesia.​


Began OEM business for placenta products in Japan, and supporting Japanese companies to expansion to Indonesia.​


Established Salica Co Ltd in Japan and PT Salica Indonesia in Indonesia.
Started selling Placenta beauty health food product .

Existing Assets​

■ More than 1,500 names on the clients list of distributors and clinics.

■ More than 6 years of networking inside Indonesia.

■ Business experience in supporting company establishment, license 

    application, and etc.

■ Business experience in researching including other Industries and

    listed companies.

Business description


​Business expansion to Indonesia

1. Research ・marketing research​

Industry structure research, competitive research, and business partner research in every industry.
Marketing research using questionarres to target customers.​

2. License Agency​

Representative application for Food・cosmetics distribution and sales license.
Various license application representative, and others.

3. Exhibition support

We are Japan pavilion official organizer for "Cosmo Beaute," the biggest beauty exhibition in Indonesia.
We also support exhibiting to other various exhibitions.

4. Market development support​

Negotiation with potential distributors, compliection, and be your sales agent for your products by organizing sales unit. ​

5. Online exhibition​

We have a contract with Online beauty exhibition which covers all parts of South east Asia as a exclusive Japanese agent. We will help you expand your business to the world and find you a business partner without traveling outside of Japan.​​


​Business expansion support to

New Zealand from Japan

1. Research ・ Marketing research​

Researching for needs, concept localization consultant, target research, and others​.

2. PR agent

We can represent press release, advertisement, promotion activities, and others.​​

3. Sales development support

Negotiating with potential distributors, compilection, and others.

4. Wholesale foods・Sales business​

We carry Manuka honey and related products.​​

2021 Beauty Online Trade Show

I will serve as an official agent for Japanese companies.​


With a beauty brand aiming to expand overseas even in the corona

Connecting Southeast Asian markets through online media

An unprecedented new B to B online exhibition.


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Future plans

Future plans-en

Sales agent for beauty products, firmly conduct research regardless of industry,

and accumulate achievements. 

Other than existing  OEM wholesale  business in Japan, we move forward with promoting products from New Zealand and delveloping new markets, which will be a beam to our new business.​



Forest Hills East Wing 2F 4-18-11

Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo

107-0062 Japan

TEL    +81(0)50 3136 6667

FAX   +81(0)3 6700 6617


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